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Information System Management

Information System Management 

WaterlooIT continues to partner with organization’s that require partial or full IT department services.  Information Technology (IT) systems management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling the resources and activities that are necessary for the effective and efficient operation of an organization's IT systems.  

IT systems management is critical for any business that relies on technology to support its operations and achieve its goals. Larissa Dufresne, Founder of WaterlooIT Inc. explains “WaterlooIT and its partners, clients, vendors all benefit from the standards and controls in place, from the rules and boundaries being clearly defined and enforced and management and leadership benefits from the reporting and accountability as well as the reduced risk the company and reputation by protecting against cyber threats”.

IT systems management also involves working closely with other departments in the organization to understand their technology needs and help them to achieve their goals. This includes working with business leaders to understand their objectives and develop technology solutions that will help them to achieve them. Dufresne said “One of our core values is quality communications with our clients and partners and we work closely with all leaders and members to ensure cross department visibility, user impacts, workflow incidents and reduce the friction and blindspots”.

In conclusion, IT systems management is a critical process that is essential for the effective and efficient operation of an organization. 

WaterlooIT Inc. is a registered Microsoft Silver Partner, Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Microsoft 365 Reseller and Support Center as well as a Microsoft Partner Research Panel Member. Networking partnerships with Cisco Systems, Sophos and Ubiquiti supplying enterprise class service and support.

About WaterlooIT

WaterlooIT creates value by partnering with businesses to use IT (Information Technology) in support of their goals. Management, consulting, onsite service, and the HelpDesk Service focused on a policy that aligns with the business goals. A gender-equal Information Technology managed service provider based in Waterloo and serving Ontario and beyond, we operate under a proactive-first model, supporting our clients in their unique business activities, preventing potential issues, and maximizing their investment in technology.

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