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Business HelpDesk

WaterlooIT HelpDesk will:

  • Improve operational efficiency

    less downtime means your staff is working, not waiting

  • Provide peace of mind

    knowing expert assistance is only a call or click away

  • Immediate tech support

    the majority of our tickets and alerts are resolved in less than 15 minutes, and are tracked and archived

  • Anytime, anywhere support

    around the clock availability to ensure that we’re working when you need us

We help our clients to troubleshoot issues quickly, efficiently and correctly using industry standard support solutions to access our clients’ workstation, minimizing disruption to their productivity.

We support employee hardware, software, operating systems, and printer and peripheral set-up support and troubleshooting.

We provide monitoring, automation, anti-virus, anti-malware, patch management and cloud services.

Lead and foster an environment where anyone can engage in any repeatable task in support of the client and produce the exact output desired, based on process documentation.

Available Policies:

• Designated Officers, Auditors and Admins
• Acceptable Use Policy
• Electronic Monitoring Policy
• Right To Disconnect Policy
• Baseline Controls
• Password Policy
• Clean Desk Policy
• Fleet Management (users, assets, devices, applications)
• Patch Management Policy
• EndPoint Management
• Domain Name System controls (MDNS)
• Identity Management
• Microsoft 365 Secure Tenant Policy
• Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive
• Microsoft Teams Policy

• Security and Awareness Training
• Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
• Data Retention Plan
• HR IT/IS Integration
• Incident Response Plan (IRP)
• Threat Response team
• Incident Response Process
• Cyber Security Breach & Response
• Incident Review & Reporting
• Threat Classification Index
• Perimeter Defense Plan
• Router & Firewall Standards
• Network Monitoring
• Wifi & Untrusted Networks
• Continuous Education (security & training)
• Information Protection & Governance

• Zero Trust
• Designated Officers, Auditors & Admins
• Vulnerability Scanning
• Tenant Standards
• Security and Compliance URLs
• Website Privacy Policy
• Data Retention/Destruction Policy
• HR Integration (hires, exiting, security, access)
• Remote Access policy (RAP) (WFH, BYOD, MDM)
• Incident Response Policy
• Business Continuity Plan
• Disaster Recovery Policy
• Perimeter Defense Plan (Firewall)
• Cloud Service Guidelines
• Reporting, Auditing, Review (RAR)
• Website Privacy Policy

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