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Embrace Proactive Security with the Zero Trust Framework

Zero Trust

Embrace Proactive Security with the Zero Trust Framework

WaterlooIT Inc. helps businesses embrace proactive security with the Zero Trust framework.

Modern threats are growing, and businesses can’t afford the downtime, costs associated with recovery and the potential reputation damage that can occur when a security incident affects their operations. By aligning the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, PIPEDA and the 13 core effective security controls in the ISO 27001 small businesses can benefit from the enterprise grade security.

Zero Trust as a framework is easily described in three principles; verify explicitly, use least privileged access, and always assume breach. Applying those principles to the assessment model and the later core control mechanisms produces a lower likelihood of successful exploit or intrusion while improving reaction time and efforts by the users and the systems. Less problems, faster resolutions.

Larissa Dufresne, Operations Manager of WaterlooIT Inc. said "The effort to bring a small business into compliance with a Zero Trust security model is large and involves policy and procedures being documented and audited. We bridge the gap between small business and the enterprise level security by supplying a cost-effective solution, and maintaining the requirements as they are updated”.

Small businesses are at a higher risk than ever of being targeted. According to the 2021 State of SMB Digital Transformation report, from ECI Software Solutions, 90% of small business that experienced, and attack reported it impacted their business, 48% were forced to shut down operations for a day, 35% were shut down for a week, and half lost money. 26% have not fully recovered from their cyberattack. As we transition into the post-pandemic market, the focus should be on their business getting back to normal, not dealing with another threat.

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